Hi, I'm Onuralp Taner

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TL;DR: I help teams to build and deploy cloud-native applications.

I've been working on cloud computing and distributed systems since 2010. I've worked on a variety of projects, from small startups to giant ( +$1B ) enterprise companies as a Chief Architect.

Focused on Kubernetes, AWS, GCP, serverless, and anything DevOps related. I've been working fully remote since 2018 and living in Cambridge, UK.


I love sharing my experiences on software engineering at conferences, meetups, universities and companies.

* Indistru 4.0 @ Istanbul Best Career Day, March 2017

* Finance and Software Days @ YTU KVK, December 2016

* Troubleshoot .Net - Startup to Enterprise @ istanbul coders, December 2016

* Continuous Delivery for .Net Apps @ istanbul coders, December 2015

* ElasticSearch @ YTU Teknopark Tech Talks, December 2014

Contact Me

Follow me on Twitter. I’m also on Github and Linkedin. Feel free to contact.